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Girls Keeping It Real

For Girls &

Young Women

Mentoring, Community Building,

and Educational Advancement Programs



We match college educated or business professional mentors with young girls/ women to encourage academic excellence and career success in the future. This program focuses on empowerment, self-esteem, confidence building, social education, positive citizenship, and school performance. Academic emphasis is placed on attendance, homework completion rates, citizenship, and grades. 

Interpersonal Skill Building

We assist in the development of healthy relationships with peers to improve communication, decision making, and stress management. Specific activities to be provided include:

  • Effective Communication

  • Values Clarification

  • Problem-solving: Includes working through various situations with emphasis on identifying alternatives, implementing a plan of actions and initiating a response. Various situations center on peer relationships, budgeting issues, employment situations and living arrangements.


Girls and young women can experience workshops designed specifically to provide education, information, exposure and experience in various areas that will prepare them to make smart decisions on their journey to living the life of academic, professional, and personal achievement. The workshops are focused on the following:

  • Career Planning

  • Health & Fitness

  • Social Etiquette

  • Budgeting & Finances

  • Decision Making

Workplace Training

Through partnerships with the local business community, Girls Keeping It Real provides workplace training to young adult women ages 16 to 23 that will prepare and equip them to be a value added resource for businesses during the summer time. This program connects girls with part-time or full-time jobs and internships while attending school and during summer breaks.

This program offers training on the following: business etiquette, social media branding, research and documentation, presentation development, business networking and public speaking.

Character Building & Self-Esteem

We utilize a team-based mentoring approach to help girls to build self-esteem, enhance peer and adult relationships, and to increase school engagement. 


Our program focuses on the core skills needed to develop resilient young women and is divided into the following modules:

  • Empowerment & Self Love

  • Team Building & Leadership Development

  • Self-Awareness & Healthy Relationships

  • Health & Wellness

  • Conflict Resolution & Anger Management

  • Cultural Diversity & Community Service

College Bound & Career Planning

Our organization awards scholarships to young girls who have demonstrated their intention to attend college. Our college entry and scholarship program seeks to alleviate the burden and challenges associated with obtaining a college education. We provide various levels of assistance. In addition to college field trips, we also assist the girls with SAT/ACT preparation and fees, completing entry applications, paying application fees, and obtaining internships and part-time

Public Speaking

This program helps young girls build their communication and leadership skills so they may become tomorrow’s leaders in business, industry and the community.

Community Giveaways

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